Check here for upcoming events benefiting the MSAC Capital Campaign.

Previous, recent events have included:

ANNUAL MEETING AND RIBBON-CUTTING inaugurating the re-built Center, June 27, 2012.

A Wonderful DINNER/SILENT AUCTION AND RAFFLE January 28, 2012 that netted about $5000. for the campaign. A lot of work but a lot of fun.

Poster for MSAC dinner/silent auction & raffle 1/28/12If you want to know what you missed, click here for our gallery of pictures of silent auction items.


Five private homes in Montpelier Montpelier Home Tour - October 15were highlighted during the Montpelier Home Tour October 15, presented by the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra.  Our MSAC, together with four other local organizations,  sponsored this fun activity and provided volunteer “docents” at one of the homes for the event. Fascinating! If you missed it, try it next year!


City Hall Centennial Concert PosterOur first event of 2011 was a great fund-raising concert/dance May 21  at Vermont College. This show featured many Vermont musicians, volunteering their services to raise money for us and for the REACH Program. So, if you were lucky enough to have been at the October Concert/Dance event at City Hall, you know how fortunate we have been to have such great local musicians and what great people they are to have volunteered for this event . If you like live pop music, if you like to dance, then you were there!


If you didn’t make it to the Community Design Feedback Forum, you can still give your input via email.  Please feel free to answer these questions and send them in an email to Even though the physical design of the building is fixed, there remains a lot of flexibility in the what and when and how.

Thank you!


  1. LOCATION of ACTIVITIES: There are a lot of community activities in our area that appeal to and are attended by seniors.  What particular types of  activities and programs of interest to area seniors do you think are best held at MSAC than at some other location?
  2. EVENING ACTIVITIES: What evening/after-dark activities might you be interested in attending at MSAC (e.g. movie screenings, dramatic readings, author readings, wine/food tastings, dances, etc.)? Would you need transportation other than your own car to attend such events?
  3. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Can you think of ways to incorporate outdoor activity, such as gardening, into MSAC’s activities and perhaps physical space?
  4. SCHEDULING of ACTIVITIES: Some activities require quiet (e.g. yoga, discussion groups) and some call for lots of social interaction (meals). If they’re taking place within the MSAC space (vs. across the street at the Rec. Center) how can we make sure the two don’t conflict?
  5. ACCESSIBILITY: What special needs (e.g. hearing, vision, physical mobility limitations) are you aware of that the Center ought to be sure to accommodate?
  6. PARKING: How can we make parking for the Center adequate, accessible and affordable?
  7. GROUPS: Are there interests groups you are a part of, or would like to be a part of, that don’t currently have gatherings at MSAC but perhaps could in the future–e.g. book discussion groups, play reading groups, support groups?
  8. RESOURCES: What kinds of help or resource coordination would you like to see offered at MSAC in such areas as health, nutrition, fitness, financial management, Medicare/Medigap, estate/tax planning, etc.?

OTHER THINGS WE MAY HAVE MISSED? Please share these questions with others who may be interested.


2 Responses to Events

  1. Hi, being a lesbian mother and grandmother I would like to see programs that involve more diversity such as reading lesbian literature, movies and other activities that would attract lesbian and gay seniors to the center. There are many of us in the community. I would also like a meditation group, a place to meet for the discussion of spirituality and diversity. I’m a poet and writer, Poet of the Year in Wisconsin and widely published in many journals. I know you have a writing class and that is wonderful but I’d be interested in readings of poetry and other genres at the center. Thanks. Linda Quinlan

    • msacblog says:

      Thanks, Linda, for the great ideas for activities. (Sorry for the slow response, so far we haven’t got much feedback here!) Would you consider leading a group? I’ll pass your suggestions on to Janna Clar, our new director. Stop by the office and say hello!

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