Yet another…

Chipping away burned brickIs your intrepid reporter in a rut? Here’s yet another post with yet another banner photo featuring a ghostly arm reaching into the picture to do something obscure, just like this old post (click here) or this one.

But this photo does symbolize the comeback of the Center from the wreck it was after the fire two years ago. Here the workman is scraping off the burned plaster over the bricks in the back of the first floor, where the fire was at its fiercest. Back of 1st floor after the 2009 fireBeing new on the job, he was curious to hear how the Center had looked just after the fire; I wish I could have showed him this view on the right, taken back in 2009 of roughly the same area.

Now let’s go look at something new: the elevator lobby,  all glassed in and with green insulation to make it snug. Actually three views in one: on the Elevator lobby glassed inleft, the east side along the elevator space; on the right, the glass wall leading to the first floor entrance – and the photographer’s reflection! The elevator itself (or the various parts thereof) is now scheduled to be installed the end of the month.

There’s a new ramp leading up from the lobby entrance (click here for the plan) to the main floor – or there will be once the workmen on the right Carpentering the first floor rampfinish the false floor in that area.

So, rummaging around in my pile of pics, what else can I findOld "schoolhouse" ceiling lights in upstairs hallway to entertain you? Aha! Remember those old schoolhouse ceiling lights you grew up with (at least if you are the same vintage as your intrepid reporter)? They’re back, (carefully wrapped at the moment to keep them fresh) gracing the upstairs hallways and those two multi-purpose rooms on the mezzanine.

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