Everything in its Own Good Time

It’s obvious, even to your intrepid reporter once his nose has been rubbed in it, that, to build anything big, you do a series of smaller jobs, but you do New front windows, still old front doorthem in the right order; it’s the order that’s important. So, when I ask Jacques, the site supervisor, why, when  they have finally replaced the windows over the front door, they have left the old front door itself untouched, he patiently reminds me that this is still a construction zone and you don’t want to chance banging up fine, finished oak with some workman’s passing sledgehammer. Duh. So that’s why the third floor and then the second are looking so finished while our first floor Center still looks so un-finished, like the staging area it still is. It’s all in your Gantt chart.

Kitchen cabinets in 3rd floor apartmentAs an example, on the first floor I see them assembling  kitchen cabinets. Upstairs, I peer past the apartment doors – hey! actual doors! that’s something new! – and see most of the maple cabinets already in place. (That horizontal gadget that you see on the wall past the cabinets, by the way, is the air conditioning outlet.) Coming soon are the apartment interior doors and trim and plumbing. The finished flooring comes last, of course, so as not to be marred by those passing sledgehammers.
Staining the window trimMeanwhile, all those new Pella wood windows have to be stained, along with the outer wall trim, lots and lots of windows, one after another, by this very affable and patient gentleman.

Downstairs, there’s time to fit in a restoration job on the old school blackboards in those two front “mezzanine” activity roomsRefurbishing the old blackboards.

Once the frames on those big boards are stripped and refinished and the boards themselves buffed down, they’ll be great for my Spanish class!

Down in the furnace room on the first floor I’ve been watching them assemble the pellet boiler and bank of hot water tanks. To my untutored eye it looks essentially finished (but with a real rats nest of wires still to hook up!). I ask Jacques when they’re going to crank it up and try it out.From boiler to hot water tanks As late as possible, he says, turning it on starts the warranty period and we don’t want to run out the warranty before we have to! Another lesson in project management.


But the first floor is coming along. The beams are boxed in as you can see on the left, below and the tin ceiling is going up.

Boxing in beams on the first floorThe side rooms are defined with framing, insulation, and some dry wall. In the right photo Future ladies' with a great viewyou can see the spacious ladies’ rest room. Ladies, be seated! Enjoy the view!

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