Buttoning Up

Paving the drivewaySo, we continue, without Garth, on the rebuilding he put so much into. Warm weather is Percy, the little Cat Who Coulda fading memory, but the driveway is back, covered in smooth asphalt slicked down by cheerful Percy here, the Little Cat Who Could. And the dozens of new energy-saving windows arrived in a big semi, to be temporarily stored on the first floor in the future senior center quarters. “A lot of windows, eh?” I asked Jacques, the site supervisor. “Hah, so many you can’t even turn around down there!

Dozens of energy-saving windows ready to be installed

Dozens of energy-saving windows ready to be installed

But the windows are being moved out and installed as fast as possible Рalready,  the ones you see in the photo below are making the third floor noticeably more snug.

New windows installed, view from in and out

Along with the new driveway come the new sidewalks, being poured and smoothed Tuesday, taking advantage of the welcome sunlight just hours before our first notable snow storm is scheduled to dump a load.

Pouring sidewalkAnd me without my leaves all raked!

Smoothing the new sidewalk concrete

The heating plant is going in now, and strange spacemen prowl the second floor spraying their green insulation on, it seems, every bare patch they can spot on the perimeter walls.

Space-suited worker spraying insulationWith all this activity, what’s Jacques’ chief headache these days? Yup, the same one suffered by every employer in Vermont every November: deer season! Where’s Joe, now? Well, he’s off to deer camp for his buck, won’t be back for a week!Deer dream in deer season

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