At last! Rebuilding has begun!

Engelberth Construction, having won the bid last month for rebuilding the Center and the new senior housing at 58 Barre Street, was on-site Monday July 11,Boom inserted in Center window hard at work on the initial stages of reconstruction, as these snapshots attest.Picking up sticks and...Bare main room of Center   Breaking the old slab out

As you may have read, bids for the rebuilding of the Center were opened June 1 and came in $200,000 more than previously estimated. The good news is that the necessary additional financing was worked out; the bad news is that $101,000 had to come from the revolving loan fund, and $92,000 from savings by cutting back on furnishings and using less expensive, less durable materials, e.g. linoleum instead of tile. Reportedly, the cutback may also restrict the Center’s ability to host the meals-on-wheels program.

As part of the complicated funding of this rebuilding, City Council has also approved allowing the senior center endowment fund to be tapped for even more than the $200,000 previously earmarked. The endowment is the Center’s capital, or “patrimony,” not normally to be touched except in great need. So the Capital Campaign is more important than ever, and fundraising is continuing, in parallel with the construction, to fill that famous “Gap” by January 2012. So keep up the good work, your donations are very important and much appreciated!

NOTE – During construction, parking on the east side of 58 Barre will be eliminated (enter the parking area by what was the old exit), but reportedly some additional parking is available on Stonecutters’ Way, unfortunately not for free.

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